A Salute to Skills

          We live in a digital age, where our problem-solving skills are being utilized to find more ways to not leave the house, or how to go longer without interacting with another human face to face. The focus has shifted, and children are being taught how to use the internet to make their living. Gone are the days of shop class, when a kid would possibly be trusted to wield a saw or a hammer. In an overcrowded white-collar workforce, people are in desperate need of contractors to make repairs in their workplace, build custom furniture, and so much more. They’re searching for you, the one with that ridiculously oversized tool belt.

          At House of Doers, we hereby proclaim our allegiance to you, the doers the makers, the craftsmen, carpenters, painters, welders, the guys and gals that know how to fit that square peg in a round hole. Where would we be without you? The people closest to you don’t thank you enough, but you’ve saved them countless trips to Pottery Barn and Ikea. Your skills with a T-square are impressive! The skilled laborers of our current generation represent a throwback to a bygone era, and now, more than ever, it’s important to highlight these skills and give people who practice them a chance to shine. That’s why we are so passionate here at House of Doers and that’s why we have built this platform … for you. Hanging onto these skills and trades means not forgetting where we came from. Our society grew exponentially thanks to the people who practice these arts. From the earliest stone age tools to the modern power tools, from Petroglyphs to modern day murals, a craftsmen’s vision for creation has allowed us to thrive and for us to build a world in which we want to live, work, and play in.

          Your skilled trades represent a return to a real way of living. Calloused hands, torn jeans, paint-stained oversized sweatshirts. You bear the tell-tale signs of someone who knows that working hours aren’t limited to 9-5, Monday through Friday. Your skilled work is what gets the rest of the world through their day. What was one of the most important creations of all time? The Wheel. The wheel was built by the skilled tradesman of the time. Who designs and builds the beautiful offices that the nine to fivers work in? Bingo, that was you too. As we move forward into the digital age and less and fewer people partake in these trades, it’s important to remember why you do. You do it because you’ve got a need that can’t be confined to four walls and a computer. You build because you live for that smell of freshly sanded wood. If we hope to inspire others to pick up the torch and move forward into the future, then we need to spread this message. Learning skills and trades can lead to a fulfilling life of purpose, satisfaction, and great living. So, we salute all of you who do this day in and day out, as your profession or just as your hobby. Keep making, keep building, and keep doing.

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