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House of Doers is about one simple thing: you.


“You” has a lot of meanings to us. Who are “you”? Simply put, you are the workers. You are the skilled craftsmen, tradesmen, and artists who put your hard work to use by refining your skills over years and even decades. You’re the ones looking for an audience of people who will appreciate the woodwork, metalwork, and much more. You’re the ones who have been trying to find that audience online, only to find that other crafted materials are preferred.

Well, that’s not how it is here.
Here we value the people who get things done. We value the creators. We value the builders. We value the sellers who take all of those great materials and match them with the people who will appreciate them for what they are.

At our page, you’ll find a few things:


  Forums. The House of Doers hosts community forums aimed at bringing people together through a shared love of all things created. Whether that’s metalwork, woodwork, acrylic work, wildlife painted skulls, cornhole boards, metal flag cutouts, hand made tools—it all falls under the purview of great items made right. We invite you to join our community and talk to like-minded people today.

 Shopping. House of Doers is nothing if not a great platform for people who are selling their crafted goods. That’s why you can shop around for the latest handcrafted goods and make full use of some of the most skilled people around.

 Selling. Want a forum for your latest handcrafted products? Then it’s time to consider a whole new way of selling online. No more hoping for likeminded people on social media and cutesy home goods sites. This is the seller’s market for you.

House of Doers
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