Always Do. Never Done.

          There are two types of people in this world. There are the people that Do, and then there are the people that Don’t. If you’re reading this right now it’s safe to assume, that you are one of those people that Do. And what exactly are you doing right now? What project have you got going on in that garage of yours? Hmmm, seems like you’ve been working on that for quite some time now. That’s ok, as long as you keep working on it then you’re still one of the ones that Do. But you’re not too worried about that I’m sure. You know who you are and you know what you love to do. We get it. Life happens and “Doing” can’t always take priority, but I bet you’re always thinking about it, and that is just part of what makes you a Doer.

          So what’s next. I’m sure your spouse must roll their eyes and think that you’re never going to be done. Well, that’s true, isn’t it? There is always something to be done. Something to be fixed, improved, or just made entirely from scratch. There is a fire that burns inside that can only be put out with tools in hand. At least your spouse gets to be the beneficiary of all those long nights spent working away.

          You’re a Doer and a damn good one at that, and you’ll keep on doing until you just can’t anymore. It’s in your blood and it will be in your children’s blood. Doing, building, and making is the spice that makes life so darn sweet. You’ve probably got a “Do” list hanging up on the fridge right next to the grocery list, and you are probably more familiar with what’s on the former. We built House of Doers for you. It is our hope that our community of Doers will help to inspire you. Our community is a place for an open discussion on all things Doing. There you will find a lively discussion about project ideas, what people are currently working on, and so much more. Through these forums, you can find new ideas for things to make and dole out your expert advice to others who might need some insight to finish their project.

          At House of Doers, you never have to stop doing, because you’ll always have a place to come and sell anything that you’ve done. Our community is a marketplace that is free for you to use. We want to inspire you to always be Doing. So, crack open a cold one, throw on your gloves, and let’s get to work.

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