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At House of Doers, we are a community of like-minded builders, makers, creators, painters, and Doers. We can all agree on a few key things. 1) Our chosen crafts are our lifeblood, 2) We love to help others with their projects, and 3) We’d probably rather be in the garage, making something. We can all appreciate how good it feels to make something with our own two hands. Our Doers Den exists not only as a forum to help others with their crafts and projects but as a space to highlight stories. Through this open forum we hope to lift others up and highlight some of the great stories that people have to share in regard to making a career out of their passion. How can we, as a community of Doers, help to shine a light on the work that we do and garner more attention? Through social media we want to showcase success stories of those who are Doing and those that are hoping to Do. Share your photos, videos, and your stories with us, and we will find a place for them. Our Doers Den is the perfect place to share your story with our community and with the world at large. We can leverage the power of social media to help share your story with a global audience. Help us to help you by tagging your photos with #houseofdoers Together we can build a Doers community one brick at a time. We want to hear your stories, watch your videos, and share your photos. It’s through these social channels that we want to grow our platform, which ultimately provides a new cash flow resource for all of our fellow Doers. By sharing your stories with us you become an integral part of House of Doers. We can leverage our unique community to provide content to share through these social channels that will serve to draw more Doers into our net and ultimately get more eyes on the goods you’re selling. While these social media channels are new to the game and haven’t always been so important, they are now becoming a vital part of the success story. It used to be that you could just have a website and traffic would flow it from one source, but that just isn’t the case anymore. At House of Doers, we understand how this is trending, and we will use this to benefit our cause. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will share our story on these channels and bring people closer to our mission, our values, and our goal. So, join us on this adventure and remember to use #houseofdoers and like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! From one Doer to another … Thank You!

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