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We formally invite you to join us on our journey to create the best place to buy and sell hand crafted goods:

          If you’ve ever been in the workshop until 2 AM applying that final coat of lacquer, House of Doers is for you. If you’ve ever spent hours in the darkroom, fiddling with settings on your enlarger until you produce the perfect print, House of Doers is for you. If you’re the kind of person who knows exactly where the 3/8th’s inch washers are at Home Depot or Lowe’s … then, House of Doers is for you. At House of Doers we understand the dedication to your craft. The time that it takes to craft each one of your creations, from the delicate to the imposing. We want to invite you to join a space where people just like you will gather to buy, sell, and trade knowledge as well as hand-built products. We believe in this community of Doers, and as such are thrilled to invest our time in YOU. At House of Doers, you will find a community unlike anything else out there. With our Doers Den, we provide you with a forum to discuss the skills of your trade, to learn from one another, and to share project ideas. House of Doers is a Makers Marketplace for your creations to be found and purchased by the kinds of folks who appreciate your perfectionism. Come one and come all. Make House of Doers your home. We’re excited to have you with us as we launch and build this community of Doers. 

Who Are We?

          Welcome to the House of Doers, the house of builders, craftsmen, artists, and tradesmen. We are a community of specialists who’d rather swing a hammer, peer through welding goggles, or sand our fingers to the bone in order to earn our keep. We are the painters and carpenters, the artists and the builders, we are the ones who value creation over everything else. At House of Doers, we believe in giving you, the specialists, an outlet to sell your creations. We know the fire that stokes your furnace. That unyielding passion to build something with your very own hands. In today’s society it seems like the art of building, of making and creating, has been replaced by screens and inspirational quotes. However, we know that not all of us subscribe to this new way of life. For us creations come alive in buildings, basements, garages, and barns; where our neighbors can expect to hear the whir of a chop saw and sparks flying from a cutting torch well into the evening hours.

          We have built House of Doers for people like you. We hope to build a community where creators and crafters can have a place to list their goods for sale and to find like-minded people to bounce ideas off of and help drive that creative process. We invite you to share your work with a global audience, and we invite you to do it for free, that’s right it doesn’t cost a penny to create your own store and list your items on House of Doers.


          House of Doers is the place to buy anything from hand crafted tools, furniture, BBQ grills, artwork, to painted wildlife skulls. Here you will find goods from some of the world’s finest metalworkers, carpenters, painters, glass blowers, and other specialists. Browse through hundreds of goods either online or through of mobile app!


          Build your private store and set up shop with House Of Doers. List your product, establish your own lead times and shipping details. There are no listing fee’s, no contracts, and direct deposit is available. All your listings will be active for 90 days unless item sells. Run your entire store from your dashboard, set up coupon codes, track orders, manage inventory, and enjoy automated payments to your account.  


          We are more than an e-commerce platform … We are an online community. Our Doers Den is a place for you, the Doer, to discuss your trades and learn from one another. We encourage open communication about your work. What will you share today? What will you learn today? No matter the medium you work in; metal, wood, plastics, rubber, paint, etc, it’s all specialty craftsmanship and it all belongs here.

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