Job Security

          Unless you’ve been living under a rock, likely in a bunker of your own creation, you have likely heard rumblings about the impending job crisis due to automation. Twenty five percent of jobs, in the US alone, are at “High Risk” of being lost due to automation. A lot of these jobs are low wage, repetitive, and simple jobs. While that is the outlook right now, there is a good chance that as technology and AI improve, that more skilled and detail-oriented jobs will be at risk as well. And why not? If you’re a small business owner and you can automate jobs, that means more revenue for you, more productivity, fewer mistakes, and a much easier workforce. Food Prep, production, office/administrative support, farming and fishing, transportation, and extraction are all at seriously high risk of being automated.

          How about this scenario instead? You’ve got a job where you set your own hours, earn a great living, love what you do, and are at the lowest risk of being automated. That’s a job description for many of you builders, makers, and doers. While automation plays an immediate threat to a lot of simpler tasks it is going to take a long time for technology and affordability to catch up to the world of the skilled trades and craftsmen. Right now, it’s easy enough for a machine or a computer to take the job of someone who’s taking your food order. It’s equally easy for a machine to then prepare your food back in the kitchen. Where this type of technology will have a hard time playing catch up is in the realm of specialties. If you need to build your dog a nice new heated dog house, you’re going to need a lot of things. You’ll need a list of building materials, which of course you will then have to go buy, and you’ll need several pieces of equipment and know-how to put this together.

          The fact of the matter is, automation and AI are threatening a massive amount of jobs, right now, and in the future. Choosing a career in a skilled trade is a terrific shield against this possibility. Whether you’re the creative type and you choose painting as your medium for the creation or you’re a master with metal, your job will be the last that automation will come for. There is a good chance, in fact, that automation will never be able to replace your job. Only you can provide those little nuances that make building so special. Our two hands, when paired with our own computer rattling around in our skulls, means that we are capable of making some pretty amazing things.

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