Small Business Revolution … Yeah, that’s our mission!

So, you’re a small business owner and you’re looking for the right platform to push your wares. Where do you do it? With every passing day, it seems that more and more there is only one answer: Amazon. Sure, Amazon, they sell everything, right?

Well, yeah, they do, but! They also make everything. That’s the big scam of Amazon and Amazonian pretenders like a Wal-Mart. They don’t just want to benefit from and sell your products/services, they want to make them too! They want to use their data to see what sells and then stomp all over you with their own version, selling and producing it cheaply while promoting it ahead of your product, the one that gave them the idea in the first place.

Their position is clear. Amazon, at its core, is a pervasive monster of market research. They want to compete with everybody! Netflix, super market chains, even the very companies that deliver their packages!

How can you, as a small business owner, fight back? By organizing, uniting, forming partnerships designed to benefit you, the kind of partnerships that can start a small business revolution. In other words, by partnering with

For only $20 a month, you can partner up with the only online platform designed to stick it to the man, to combat the businesses that are monopolizing your revenue streams and suppressing your growth. is an online marketplace that caters only to small businesses (less than 500 employees), providing them with a global platform, like Amazon, without the fear of having your own IP copied and turned against you. has no interest in making products and competing with their partners. Their only interest is in serving them.

It’s the perfect situation for buyers and sellers because every business is a small business. The companies dominating the market right now are massive, global juggernauts, designed to make cash and horde as much of it as they possibly can, by any means necessary. The companies who sell on are small businesses, exclusively. This means that when you shop and purchase things on the site, you are shopping locally. You’re buying from a company whose profits go back into the communities that they serve. believes in supporting their communities and the communities of their customers. They believe in paying their fair share of taxes.

This is a win-win for all involved. The shopper knows that they’re buying from companies who view them as people rather than dollar signs. The seller knows that they’re operating on a level playing field under an umbrella that keeps them out of the rain rather than drowning them in cheap knockoffs. There’s only one way to float up above the raging river of Amazon. Only one way to really start a small business revolution. By taking a stroll down