Tomorrow’s Opportunities in Todays Trades.

The future is ripe for opportunities for todays skilled trade workers. As our society develops and reaches into new corners of this country, they are going to need the skilled men and women to build their dream. They’ll be calling all the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, welders, painters, photographers, and builders to the job site. With our increased demand for recreation, vacation, and relaxation, the opportunities are abundant for the crafty Doers. With a little bit of ingenuity and the proper sales pitch you could be looking at some serious job possibilities. As our country continues to prosper and expand, new industries and jobs are being created, and displacing older ones. As a skilled tradesman, builder, or maker, you can rest easy knowing that all of this expansion can only mean one thing for you. More jobs. More money. City planners and rural developers will need to fall back on your skillsets in order to bring their visions to fruition. Take scenic Colorado as a great example. All over the state, developers are building massive rental and vacation properties in scenic towns. These facilities are going to need artwork and decorations for their common areas and offices. Why couldn’t you be the one to make them? Leverage your trades to tap into old and new emerging markets. House of Doers can help provide insight and advice on how to do just that. One thing is certain. These jobs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. While some jobs are being replaced left and right by either smarter practices that lead to better efficiency or they are being entirely replaced by machines, skilled labor isn’t going anywhere. And until we start building our homes, cars, and everything else out of some foreign materials, you’re not going to have to worry about being displaced in the job market. As we move into the digital age there are countless new ways and opportunities to bring in extra cash. Discerning men and women like you can even leverage platforms like Facebook and Instagram to not just find new jobs but sell the things that you create. There really is no limit to the kind of opportunities you are now able to create for yourself. Scrolling through Instagram you may find individual craft knife makers who sell their knives for premium prices and make a great living doing so. The world around us is changing so quickly and those who know how to capitalize on that are the ones who are going to succeed. We are building a platform these people E-commerce is an extremely fast-growing platform for buying, selling, and communicating. There are tons of large and small websites cropping up all over the place. House of Doers aims to be the premier online platform for all things built by skilled crafts and tradesman. Here you will find a marketplace full of diverse offerings that you just won’t find anywhere else. No brick and mortar shop could compete with the types of product that you will find here. As our platform grows the types of goods you will find here will only continue to expand and fill every niche you could hope for. If you can’t find what you need, well, you might as well make it yourself and list it for sale on our Marketplace.

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